It’s been a long spring, but taking our cue from the public library opening on 13 July, we are now ready to start sharing our books with you all again from this Monday! We’re not quite in a position to start up our public appearances with the bike, but are offering you the chance to order your books by emailing

How to order

Browse our catalogue online here or have a snoop through our ‘book of the month’ archives for ideas, or feel free to drop us a line at and ask for any recommendations (or let us surprise you with a librarian’s choice!).

Email with your name and the book(s) you’d like, and your preferred method of collection (home delivery or pick-up).

How to get your book

When you let us know what you’d like, we will disinfect the book to the best of our abilities.

If you live within the ring-road, one of our volunteers will deliver the book to you at home by popping it through your letterbox.

If you live further afield or would rather pick up the book yourself, there is also an option to pick up the book at East Oxford. More details on request.

In both cases, volunteers will wear a face mask and gloves and social distancing will be observed.

Books are quarantined before being selected for delivery, and once books are returned will be quarantined and won’t be lent out again for a minimum of 72 hours.

The book loan period will be until September 1st, and books can be returned in the usual way at any of our drop-boxes (more details here).

Happy reading!


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