We believe that literature and poetry can enrich lives, build connections between people,  and encourage new ways of looking at the world.

By bringing poetry into the local community, we want to introduce as many people as possible to the joys and benefits of reading poems, as well as nurture the existing community of writers and readers around the city.


Our aims

  • To build a collection of poetry books, pamphlets and zines which can be used as a free and open resource for borrowers
  • To seek out, develop, and nurture a growing community of readers
  • To provide a platform for local writers and poets to share their work
  • To encourage co-operation and community through a common interest, to create and promote literary events in the city
  • To collaborate with existing environmental and artistic activity in Oxford to build a strong network of creative, eco-friendly organizations


How we work

Our collection currently lives at The Community Works at 21 Park End St in the heart of the city centre, and we hold regular library opening hours where anyone can browse and borrow our collection. We moved into this space as part of an exciting initiative run by Makespace Oxford, transforming a disused building in central Oxford into a mix of work space for social enterprises and meeting space for community groups. We also carry our collection around the city in our trusty custom-built cargo bike, appearing at weekly farmer’s markets, fairs and festivals, and other community events.

Anyone can browse our books, learn more about the collection, request information or recommendations from our lovely librarians, and sign up to be a borrower. Becoming a member is free, and once registered, borrowers can request, reserve, and borrow books, and then return them within two weeks by visiting the library at any one of our stops or dropping them in one of our dropboxes. There will be no fines or fees for late returns (though we do request a little donation if you keep books longer than 2 weeks!) and members can borrow as many books as they like at one time.

We also strive to be a platform to support and promote local writers and poets. We operate a small shop selling zines, pamphlets and books produced by local writers, and advertise any readings or events happening in the city.


Get Involved!

We are a voluntary organization and depend on good-hearted, literature-loving volunteers to keep our wheels turning. If you are interested in becoming one of our librarians, get in touch through our contact page or by emailing – we’d love to hear from you!