All are welcome to this new poetry writing group, where we will share our emerging poems with each other and provide feedback in a safe and inclusive environment. 

Maybe you have been attending the Getting Started With Poetry sessions and feel ready to edit your work and develop your ideas. Maybe you’re an experienced but unpublished poet who wants to take those next steps in your poetry career. There are no minimum requirements for joining, poets of all abilities and backgrounds can attend, just bring a willingness to receive and provide feedback!

Once a month, we will invite a published poet to join us. There will be a short public reading of their poems followed by a workshop where attendees can learn more about the creative process, get an insight into what it means to be a poet, and share our work with each other.

Regular attendance is encouraged, to help us build a trusting and collaborative community.

Group timings are:


First Saturday of every month (sharing session)


Last Sunday of every month (featured poet session)

at Oxford Poetry Library (The Community Works, 21 Park End Street OX1 1HH)