Ever felt like there was something you really wanted to say but you just weren’t sure how? Want to get your voice heard, hear the voices of other women and trans* folk? To share your writing, read more widely, and learn from your peers?

We are creating a collective who welcome women, non-binary, and trans* people to share poetry and prose – their own and/or that of others – and together improve our writing skills, feel empowered, and read more of the work of other women/trans* writers.

Due to the nature of the group, our space is for those who identify as female or in the trans* community – but within that, open to all!

Join the facebook group (or follow OPL on twitter / join our mailing list) to stay in the loop as to our happenings and the first open meeting at OARC at East Oxford Community Centre (date and time tbc) for all those interested to discuss how the group will work, and get the ball rolling!

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