Is your new year’s resolution to volunteer more? Get involved with community projects? Read and share more poetry?


If you’d like to be a librarian for a day, create a reading list of your favourite poems for us to share with our borrowers, meet like-minded people, help a local, grassroots, not-for-profit project, or just fancy hanging out with a bikeful of books, then make 2018 the year you volunteer with us.


We’re having a little gathering at the Cape of Good Hope at 7pm on Friday, February 9th which you are invited to!


This is an opportunity for prospective volunteers and interested folk to come and learn more about what it is we do, offer their time or skills, meet and chat to the folk behind the bike, and sign up to volunteer with us (short-term, long-term, flexibly, or regularly). 


It’s also a chance for existing volunteers to come together and meet or re-meet each other, share poetic musings (and other musings, we’re not strict), and hang out over a pint.


Should be nice, eh? See you there!


xx Oxford Poetry Library

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