• To assist with behind-the-scenes admin that keeps the library and its projects ticking over
  • To facilitate projects or activities with a less public-facing basis


The activities involved in this kind of volunteering are really wide-ranging and depend on the volunteer’s area of interest, abilities, and which projects are currently running but can include:

  • Researching and writing funding applications for new or existing projects
  • Helping with specific projects such as the poetry-collecting Poems Around Oxford
  • Creating reading lists and recommendation lists to be used by librarians and browsers
  • Writing ‘book of the week’ items for the website
  • Helping to run social media platforms for the library


Skills and abilities needed

The skills and abilities needed for this work entirely depends on what activities the volunteer wants to undertake but an enthusiasm for poetry and/or writing in general is always an advantage. Good literacy and communication skills are also helpful for writing items for the website, running social media platforms, and putting together funding applications.

Timings and Locations

Based on the volunteer’s available time, and the nature of the project.

Sound good? Not sure and want more information?

Drop us an email at oplvolunteer@gmail.com or fill in the form here to find out more.