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You can help keep our wheels turning in a number of ways:


Where your donations will go

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For example,

And any other shekels you can throw our way will go towards the upkeep of the bike, conserving the books, buying shop stock, invested into new workshops and events – and much more!


Make a payment via PayPal:



Or visit us at any of our stops and drop some loose change in our donation box!


Get involved!

We are a voluntary organization and depend on good-hearted, literature-loving volunteers to run the library at its various stops around the city. If you are interested in becoming one of our librarians, get in touch through our contact page or by emailing – we’d love to hear from you!



Our collection is made up of carefully-chosen books, magazines, anthologies and recordings of poetry from all time periods, countries, and genres, and for all age groups and interests. If you have books you’d like to donate, visit our donations page to find out how we can take them off your hands!

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