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From Someone Else’s Point of View

The deadline for the third issue of our zine ‘Oxford is My Home’ is 11 May! You have ONE MORE DAY to get your stories, poems, and images to us, so to help you on your way, we are putting out a prompt a day to get your creative juices flowing. Click here for more information about the zine and submitting your work to us

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From Someone Else’s Point of View

We’re spending a lot of time in our own heads at the moment, and in the same spaces and the same rooms. Why not try to get into the perspective of something you see every day? It can be a pet, an object in your bedroom, a piece of furniture, a houseplant, a book, a piece of clothing, a robin which comes to your garden every day…

Try to imagine what the lockdown feels like from that thing/creature’s point of view. Write a poem or story as if you were that object or animal. What will they be feeling, sensing, seeing? How do they see you? How different is their experience of the lockdown to yours?

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