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Until we emerge from lockdown

The deadline for the third issue of our zine ‘Oxford is My Home’ is 11 May! You have less than a week to get your stories, poems, and images to us, so to help you on your way, we are putting out a prompt a day to get your creative juices flowing. Click here for more information about the zine and submitting your work to us…

First up:


‘Until We Emerge From The Lockdown’

Start a poem with the line ‘Until we emerge from the lockdown’ and see where your thoughts take you.

  1. Write continuously for at least 5 minutes to give time for lots of ideas to flow out. Don’t worry if what you write isn’t perfect because you’ll prune it afterwards. Just keep writing!
  2. When you are finished, go back and highlight 5 to 10 of the most interesting lines, words or images.
  3. Try cutting these out so you can rearrange them physically. You might want to add some more lines to bring it to life.
  4. Your end poem should be any length and can rhyme or not rhyme. The only rule is that the starting line should still be ‘Until we emerge from the lockdown’. This way, your poem will sit alongside all the other poems which started from the same line – but where will they end up?
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